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Operations - Project Design and Management

How does ADB design and manage projects?

ADB provides financing for projects in developing member countries (DMCs) that support economic growth and social development. Projects are identified in partnership with DMCs during strategic planning processes.

The various stages that each project goes through, from country programming, project design, to project completion, and evaluation are known collectively as the ADB project cycle.

Key guidelines and resources

Project Administration Instructions

These instructions outline the policies and procedures to be followed by ADB staff. The PAIs are used in conjunction with operational documents, including:

Design and Monitoring Framework

乐动体育注册Each ADB-financed project is required to have a design and monitoring framework that provides a logical structure for results focused project design. 

ADB's Financial Management Resources

This page lists reference materials on ADB's financial management in projects.

Project Administration Manual

乐动体育注册A Project Administration Manual is embedded in each ADB-administered project. It describes how executing and implementing agencies will implement the project and deliver the results on time, with quality, within budget, and in accordance with government and ADB policies and procedures.

ADB Procurement Policy

乐动体育注册This document contains the policies that govern the procurement of goods, works, nonconsulting and consulting services required for an ADB-financed project.

Handbook on Project Implementation

This is a practical guide on project implementation for executing and implementing agencies of ADB-financed projects, ADB staff, and project consultants and managers.