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In the Spotlight

  • Data and Statistics on Asia and the Pacific

    Explore the latest statistics on economic, financial, social, environmental, and Sustainable Development Goal indicators for 49 economies in Asia and the Pacific. Download Key Indicators 2019

  • The CAPI Effect: Boosting Survey Data through Mobile Technology

    乐动体育注册This year’s Special Supplement to the Key Indicators publication discusses the role computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) plays in transforming the survey data collection and management process to bolster Sustainable Development Goals monitoring.

  • Key Indicators Database

    The new updated is ADB's central statistical database and one of the world's most comprehensive resources for macroeconomic and social indicators from across Asia and the Pacific. It is user-friendly and comes with advanced functionalities such as categorized search facility for data, multiple download formats, and customized data visualization.

  • 50 Years of Data on Asia and the Pacific with ADB's Key Indicators

    乐动体育注册The Key Indicators has evolved to become one of ADB’s flagship publications, presenting crucial statistics on regional development issues to policymakers, development practitioners, government officials, researchers, and students.

  • Moving Forward with Data and Development Statistics

    乐动体育注册Data products such as the Key Indicators series are crucial to evidence-based policymaking.

ADB's Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department is responsible for:

Statistical Capacity Building (SCB)

  • Designing, processing, and implementing ADB-funded technical assistance (TA) projects focused on enhancing statistical methodologies which assist the DMCs in producing timely, relevant, and accurate economic and social statistics.
  • Initiating programs that foster the adoption of international statistical standards and piloting the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and nontraditional data sources to improve the timeliness and quality of official statistics.

Data Development

  • Collecting, compiling, and disseminating key social and economic indicators for DMCs and producing ADB’s statistical flagship publication, Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific.
  • Collaborating with national and international institutions to produce statistics on poverty, employment, income, productivity, investment, global value chains, and trade.
  • Developing and maintaining regional statistical databases of socio-economic indicators.

Methodological Research and Analytical Studies

  • Undertaking rigorous research on statistical methodology, development policy, and data and measurement issues pertaining to official statistics.
  • Collaborating with multiple stakeholders to produce sound research and critical analysis on emerging data issues in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Pioneering technical studies that focus on building, strengthening, and improving the national statistical systems of DMCs.


Ongoing TA Projects

Data for Development This TA intends to strengthen the capacity of national statistics offices (NSOs) in Asia and the Pacific to meet the increasing data demands for policy making and monitoring of development goals and targets. It focuses on three important areas: (i) subnational disaggregation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), (ii) enhanced compilation of national accounts and other key economic indicators, and (iii) provision of strategic inputs for the modernization of NSSs to inform policy design and SCB initiatives of the global statistical system.
Data for Development (Phase 2) This TA directly supports the SDGs through technological innovation and capacity building across five domains: (i) development of a customizable software to digitize sampling frames for administrative and survey data, (ii) enhanced compilation of national accounts and improved statistical infrastructure, (iii) quality labor statistics using modern standards and methods, (iv) data dissemination, and (v) knowledge sharing on technological innovations in statistics.
Implementing ICT Tools to Improve Data Collection and Management of National Surveys in Support of the SDGs This TA focuses on the use of ICT tools such as Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) in improving the data collection methods of NSSs for nationally representative surveys in selected DMCs.
2017 International Comparison Program for Asia and the Pacific This TA aims to produce robust purchasing power parities (PPPs) and PPP based comparable economic aggregates for 22 economies of Asia Pacific region. The regional PPPs will also be used for producing PPPs for global comparisons for the 2017 cycle of the International Comparison Program (ICP), which are used to cross-country comparisons of price levels, PPP-based GDP and its components, used in the estimation of international poverty line, and monitoring of global poverty and other SDG indicators.

Recently Completed TA Projects

Capacity Development of the National Statistical System (Myanmar) This TA intends to provide support for improving the strategic and institutional capacity of the NSS of Myanmar and the technical and statistical skills of staff to enable Myanmar to adopt international standards in the collection, compilation, and timely dissemination of comparable official statistics.
Updating and Constructing the Supply and Use Tables for Selected Developing Member Economies TA was designed to build adequate capacity in the NSOs of the DMCs to produce Supply and Use Tables (SUTs), Input-Output Tables (IOTs), and trade-in-value-added (TiVA) statistics.
Statistical Business Registers for Improved Information on Small, Medium-Sized, and Large Enterprises A statistical business register (SBR) is a database of enterprises that are involved in productive economic activities maintained by NSOs or other relevant entities of NSS. The TA aimed to increase the number of SBRs established or improved in participating DMCs by providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge solutions and training.
Innovative Data Collection Methods for Agricultural and Rural Statistics The TA was conceptualized to promote the use of space/satellite-based technology to estimate paddy rice area and production through a collaboration between ADB and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
Statistical Capacity Development for Social Inclusion and Gender Equality The TA is designed to address methodological gaps, build capacity, and undertake advocacy for making available sex-disaggregated data on ownership of assets and entrepreneurship; and for improving civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems as a reliable source for timely data on births and deaths.