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Viet Nam and ADB

In the Spotlight

Viet Nam’s economic growth has been increasing since 2011, while inflation has remained in single digits. Well-balanced macroeconomic policies have helped restore stability and investor confidence, with growth being propelled by a surge in foreign direct investment and export-oriented manufacturing.

乐动体育注册Viet Nam needs to continue to develop a more dynamic market economy—one that can compete globally and deliver sustainable, equitable growth over the long term. Despite remarkable achievements in reducing poverty, serious development challenges remain, with income and other socioeconomic gaps still evident in pockets of ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups.

ADB's country partnership strategy for Viet Nam focuses assistance through three pillars: promoting job creation and competitiveness, increasing the inclusiveness of infrastructure and service delivery, and improving environmental sustainability and climate change response.

Viet Nam is a member of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).


Projects in Viet Nam